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Facebook Shuts Down Third Intifada Group

Bless all of the Atlas readers and freedon lovers that fought the call to war against the Jewish people. On March 18th, I asked Atlas readers to report a FACEBOOK page calling for another Islamic war against the Jews, a "Palestinian" Third Intifada. Knowing what we know about the malevolent use of social networking by the global jihadists (witness the "revolutions" across the Muslim world), starting a war against the Jews would be relatively easy in a population taught, urged, incited, and commanded to annihilate the Jewish people. Last I looked there were over 300,000 "fans" of the page.

So serious was the threat, the Israeli government asked for Mark Zuckerberg's intervention.

Today, the page came down. Long overdue but at least it is down.

Breaking News: Facebook Shuts Down Third Intifada Group Honest Reporting, Alex Margolin

espite previous statements saying they would monitor but not remove the controversial Facebook group calling for a Third Intifada, Facebook administrators shut down the group early Tuesday morning in response to enormous pressure from pro-Israel activists. All links to the group now go to users personal Facebook profile.

The group had been calling for a march on Israel to “liberate” Palestine beginning on May 15. It remains to be seen how Facebook will respond if similar groups emerge with similar message of a Third Intifada.

New media expert Andre Oboler, one of the first to discover the group was down, told HonestReporting that Facebook made the correct decision shutting down the group.  “It’s about time,” he said. “Facebook needs to learn to distinguish between the right to ‘attack’ conceptual ideas, and the ‘wrong’ of attacking people be it because of their race, religion, nationality or political view. When they start to understand that, perhaps they will stop making so many mistakes.”

See our previous post on the issue for background on the issue.

Pamela Geller
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