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Back in June, if you recall, Atlas had a falling out with Paypal. The leftist/Islamic machine tried to have me labeled a hate speech site and Paypal was considering suspending my account. The whole story is here.

It caused quite a brouhaha on the net. There was a good piece at PJM here and this at Human Events.  Paypal caved when Atlas readers and freedom lovers expressed their outrage.

I switched to Gpal at the time in the hopes that Paypal would remove "hate speech site" designation status. Gpal came highly recommended. It was a relatively new payment clearing house devoted to second amendment rights and gun rights which we love. The G in Gpal stands for guns and the impetus for this start-up was in respone to Paypal's spineless business practice of  refusing to do gun business.

But GPAL is having problems. How bad? I don't know but I do know that I have not been able to transfer any monies donated to Atlas and SIOA out of GPAL. Robert at Jihadwatch is experiencing the same thing.

I withdrew funds last week for a new bus campaign I was initiating and still nothing. An August transfer still has not come threw. These are critical funds for us. And yes I am worried.

Last night Atlas reader Mike sent me a link to a gun forum discussing this very thing. I am investigating and will update as I know more. They have had a recent "security advisory" and unexplained charge back problems that raise red flags as well. Is it ineptitude (new business growing pains) or something more nefarious?  I don't know but I have removed their buttons from my sites (Paypal is back for the time being) )  and recommend you hold off doing business with them until they explain – which they haven't done. Proceed at your risk.

If you are experiencing similar problems, write (they are very slow to respond) and their phone is 1-800-813-GPAL(4725) I have called several times – and sat on hold forever.

Not good.

Atlas Shrugs
Pamela Geller

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