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Hot, Humid and Happening, Houston!

According to ACT member Steve Wilson, the patriot who organized our Texas appearance, our event had close to 250 people. Houston was huge. And what an extraordinary group! These people will lead the charge when it all comes down. Of that, I am sure. Passionate, happy patriots. The best kind.

Apart from the excitement the event generated, there was no small victory in this part of the nation. It was wonderful to hear that Farhat Ahmed, running for Sugar Land City Council District 4, who was the lawyer for Lady Al Qaeda and then lied about it, was defeated in last month's election. Despite the craven quisling government officials like the DA, who wrote glowing letters to their constituents endorsing the stealth jihadist candidate Ahmed, and the fact that her terror-tied alliances were scrubbed from the web, she was defeated. But remember, the enemy never sleeps and never quits. So she will be back. And so will we. Local bloggers and not-so-local bloggers (like myself) will continue to get the word out, so that regular folks are informed and don't elect infiltrators to positions of power. We are ready to defeat her again, patriots.


Debbie Fancher singing G-d Bless America

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Pro-Israel activist Ira Bleiweiss, Pamela Geller photos courtesy of FB

Thank you Houston for you warmth and spirit. It was an important week, from Tampa (rallying for the rights of a murdered Muslim woman whose honor killing death was a cover-up,) to the Tea party and Any Street events in FLA to Houston. Next week, we conquer Europe. :)

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