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Pig Flying Moment: CUNY Rescinds Communist University of NY (CUNY) Rescinds Honor to Jew-Hating Playwright Tony Kushner

This was the week that was. Precious triumphs. First bin Laden, and now Tony Kushner. The vile KKKushner is exposed for the hater he is. Huge props to Jeffrey Wiesenfeld who fought back after the CUNY had decided to honor jewicidal KKKushner.

I wouldn't call Kushner a kapo because those Jews were forced to betray their lansmen in Nazi Germany. Kushner does it unprompted, with malevolent glee. Kushner's hate filled propaganda includes the blood libel that Israel committed the “ethnic cleansed” of Muslims in order to create a Jewish state. He alleges that is not anti-Jewish. Yeah, right. 

Good on the notoriously uber-left CUNY who has done little to applaud in the past. Bruce Kelser has the 441 here:

CUNY Chairman: Kushner "made the trains run on time"

No, the Chairman of the City University of New York did not say that Tony Kushner, a la praise that was given to Mussolini, "made the trains run on time." Instead, Benno Schmidt Jr. — formerly of Yale — says something similar (Reconsidering, CUNY Likely To Honor Kushner):

“But it is not right for the board to consider politics in connection with the award of honorary degrees except in extreme cases not presented by the facts here,” he wrote. “The proposed honorary degree for Mr. Kushner would recognize him for his extraordinary talent and contribution to the American theater. Like other honorary degrees, it is not intended to reflect approval or disapproval for political views not relevant to the field for which the recipient is being honored.”

A meeting is to be held Monday to overturn the rejection by the CUNY Trustees to not grant Tony Kushner an honorary degree. The venue is a smaller Executive Committee, which Mr. Schmidt apparently feels he controls

So, Mr. Schmidt, would CUNY grant famous philosopher and Nazi Martin Heidegger an honorary degree? Is a man seperable into compartments for the sake of bestowing honors? As pointed out by Ron Radosh's read-it-all on Kushner:

Of course, anything Tony Kushner gets is intended, as he always makes clear, to honor his politics as well as his playwriting, which is indistinguishable from his politics. Just see any Kushner play, and try treating it as a non-political vehicle."

Tony Kushner is an extremist, libeling Israel and Catholics, and even taken to task by other gays for shoddy literary/political work, as Andrew Sullivan points out (before Sullivan proceeds to himself libel Israel, using edited and false quotes from an anti-Israel hate site):

To say I am embarrassed to be defending Tony Kushner is an understatement. I was one of very few gay men with HIV who found Angels in America to be pretentious, boring propaganda, and like most propaganda, endless and laden with stereotypes and cartoon figures. In the internecine fights in the gay movement in the 1990s, we were on opposite sides. I'd rather have pins stuck in my eyes than attend his new play, ominously titled "The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Capitalism and Socialism With a Key to the Scriptures," which like other Important Plays, clocks in at four hours. His sad attempt to exonerate traitors like the Rosenbergs was once perverse; now it just seems at odds with reality. I have no beef with him personally, I should add, although after writing all that, he may feel somewhat differently toward me.

And, as pointed out in the Heidegger link above, Kushner's literary works aren't that great, except to liberals who go in for Kushner's bashing of others they dislike.

Mr. Schmidt says, "“Freedom of thought and expression is the bedrock of any university worthy of the name.”  So are standards, Mr. Schmidt.

Letter from CUNY Trustee Jeffrey Wiesenfeld in the New York Times

To the Editor:

If Tony Kushner were a student, no trustee or administrator would have the right to deny him a degree if the requisite requirements were fulfilled.

On the other hand, an honorary degree is wholly within the discretion of the board to grant. It identifies the university with accomplished, generous citizens or public figures. It is also a tool that enhances a university’s image in the educational marketplace.

Mr. Kushner’s degree was opposed by a majority of the CUNY board because he is an extremist. No extremist from any quarter, whether from far left or far right, is a good face for any university.

What makes Mr. Kushner different from other honorees who are known Israel critics among the 450 or so honorary degrees awarded during the 12 years I have been on the board (all of them approved, including with my vote) is that he accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing — a term that crosses the line.

Ethnic cleansing is Nazi Germany, Bosnia, Darfur and Rwanda, to name a few (the American Indians didn’t fare too well, either). If Israel is an ethnic cleanser, how is it that over one million Arabs live better there than in almost any Arab state?

CUNY should remain a place of comfort and welcome for all of our students, faculty and administrators — including supporters of the Jewish state.

New York, May 5, 2011

The writer is the CUNY trustee who initially raised objections to an honorary degree for Tony Kushner.

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